Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowman Paint Stick Craft

Supplies needed:
· wooden paint stir stick
· white paint
· 3" x 3" piece of felt for hat
· 8" x 1" strip of material or felt
· 3 buttons
· 6" piece of yarn
· white craft glue
· scissors
· Elmers Painters paint markers - orange and black (Available at a Michaels)
· hot glue gun

Wrap 3" x 3" piece of felt around the top of the stick and hot glue together in the back. Tie yarn around the top of the hat and trim ends. Fringe the top of the hat with scissors if you like.Wrap 8"x1" strip of material around the neck, tie in a knot. Fringe the ends with scissors.Use white craft glue to attach 3 buttons below the scarf. Use black marker to create the mouth and eyes. Use orange marker to create nose.

Additional step if desired. Using black marker draw lines on the white stick, to resemble a ruler. Writing from the bottom - up, write - Just a dusting, Get a shovel, Make snowballs, Gone sledding and Snow day!

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