Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Arctic Animals - Lesson Plan Week 1 added

I have added week 1 for Penguins and Arctic Animals... Please be patience as the file loads because it's over 150 pages... I always test files before I post that it has been added, and it works great, just a big file.

Also if you click on thumbnail images to the left, you will get a visual list of what is all on the file, and you can skip on click on the file you want. :)

I'm going to start some Arctic Animal Magnet Sheets now, and if I get them done today, I'll post that. I figure I'm good for a couple more hours, so here's hoping. :)
Thank you


  1. Great work Jean. If your readers need any help on arctic animals I recommend the tundra animals website. I used it to research some ideas for snowy owls project we did last fall.


  2. Awesome... Thank you Norman for sharing. I'll have to check it out. We were talking about snowy owls today... :)