Friday, January 6, 2012

Children's Portfolios / Testing Sheets

On 1 - 2 - 3 Learn Curriculum, I have included some different forms for your child care. These include Progress Reports and more. I am making these forms available as free downloads for you to use in your own preschool program.

This is a quick explanation of the forms and links to downloads them. I hope you find these forms useful.

The first file explains how to use the information included on this file. They include:
  • Easing the Transition from Preschool to Kindergarten
  • Ready for Kindergarten
  • Observation Cover Sheets
  • Conference Form
  • Progress Report Forms
  • Testing Sheets (Colors, Letters, Numbers and Shapes)
and the following sheets - not used for portfolios but included in this file. 
  • Parent Survey Sheets
  • Accident Log
Below is a picture of one of the testing forms for colors and shapes. 
(To download file - click on picture. File will open up in a new window).

In the box in the upper right hand corner, are 3 different dates to use during testing. (I personally do testing every 6 months). Each time I test a child, I use a different color marker. I write the date of the testing, and the color of the marker (or pen) I am using. As I go through each section, I mark a line with the marker if the child knows the letter, color, number or shape. 

Next time I test, I will have a visual of what they knew the last testing time, and what progress they have made since their last test. 

All testing forms, some pictures of the children and samples of their cutting, writing and coloring are stored in a 3 - ring binder. (Pictured below).

Children's items are placed in top loading page protectors. (Name is covered).
This particular child was tested in July - 2011 at the age of 2. I used a red pen during his testing. When he is tested in January - 2012, I will use a blue pen.

Included in the download is a Words That Start With the Letter: When I feel the children are ready, when asked if they know a letter, they will also be asked if they can give me a word that starts with that letter. The word they give me will be written on this page. 
(During circle time, we have letter of the week and we listen to the beginning sound and come up with words that begin with that letter).

On the next page, this is where I keep track of what I have in their portfolio. This includes scissor skills, name writing, coloring samples, and more.
(To download file - click on picture. File will open up in a new window).

Below is a sample of some of the items included. This is shown to parents at the child's conference. This lets the parents know how the children are doing.

In my next entry I will explain how I save observations for children and add to their file above. 
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  1. Wow, I can't tell you how thankful I am to have found this. THANK YOU!

  2. Hi, I like your portfolio very much. Just wanted to let you know I found 2 typos on the printable sheets. First, I believe the envelopes you refer to are "manilla" not vanilla. Also on the first page of the progress report it says Physical Development's. The apostrophe and S should probably not be there. I always have trouble catching my own mistakes. I hope this is helpful.

  3. Hello, Very thankful for your record it will very help for my class.