Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mitten Play Time

A fun and easy activity for your winter theme... Cut out mitten shapes from scrapbook paper and card stock. Make 1 set of mittens per each color or pattern. Laminate the mittens if you would like to use them over and over again. Mitten pattern shown was cut out using an Ellison mitten die cut.

Activity # 1

Mitten Match

Take your laminated mittens (I used 14 sets of mittens) and lay them out - face up on the table. Let each of the children take turns matching the mittens.

Activity # 2

Mitten Memory Game

Using your laminated mittens, use only the mittens that have patterns. Not card stock mittens. You will turn over the mittens so children don't see the patterns. Each child will take a turn. Have them flip over one mitten and then try to find the matching mitten. If they don't find a match, remind them to remember what pattern they saw, so when it's their turn again, maybe they will find a match.

Have children keep playing until all mittens are matched up.

Additional ideas:
  • Laminate several mitten patterns, using a paper punch, punch holes around the mitten, attach a piece of lacing string, and use mittens as lacing cards. 
  • Cut out different sizes of mittens. Use 4  or more sizes. Have children place in order from smallest to biggest, biggest to smallest, matching colors, or patterns.
  • Cut out mitten patterns in colored card stock. Number the mittens 1 - 10. Have children put the mittens in numeral order. Place a correct number of items on each mitten using cotton balls, buttons, or other objects. Just keep in mind the age of the children.  


  1. Love it....I'm going to also do it like a go fish game.....Thanks!

  2. Great idea with the Go Fish.... Thanks for sharing. I'll have to try that. :)